Consilium Counsel is the name and style under which Jacques Demers conducts his counsel practice.                                                                

                                 Consilium Counsel acts as independent counsel on matters (including transactions and potential disputes) referred from lawyers and firms faced with conflicts of interest involving their clients. Examples of situations giving rise to real, potential or apparent conflicts may include transactions or negotiations where the interests of multiple parties represented by a lawyer or law firm are neither the same nor completely aligned or situations where the lawyer or law firm represents both the business and the owners.  Where owners, shareholders or partners comprise both those active in the business decision-making and those who do not participate in management decision-making or those with controlling positions or those with minority or non-controlling positions, consideration may also be had to engaging independent counsel.  

                                 Consilium Counsel may be called upon by business lawyers or law firms on matters where their clients would benefit by engaging Consilium Counsel to join, and work together with, them on such matters or specific aspects thereof (eg. PPPs, infrastructure, natural resources, sustainable investments, etc.) or to assist them on an interim basis to fill gaps arising temporarily or unexpectedly in their business law practices.

                                While Consilium Counsel’s primary target market comprises lawyers and law firms, our mandates may additionally derive directly from other clients in need of counsel in matters where our experience and network will provide value. 

                                Consilium Counsel’s clients receive the benefit of years of legal and investment experience. This blend of legal experience (advising a mix of entrepreneurs, business owners, large banks and corporations) and investment experience (acquired both as a fiduciary on behalf of pension plan members or other third-party beneficiaries and as a principal) provides the foundation for Consilium Counsel to evaluate risks (business, legal, political), better identify and assess likelihood of, from a practical standpoint, potential consequences and outcomes, and advise and negotiate accordingly.

                                While Consilium Counsel is founded and initially launched by Jacques alone, as required (as the practice grows) to satisfy clients’ needs he intends to invite like-minded, seasoned lawyers having similar or complementary knowledge, capabilities and experience to join him in Consilium Counsel. This will be done with an eye to the long-term sustainability of the service offering to clients. Consilium Counsel shall ensure that our approach to service and quality of our advice and counsel provided to clients remain, at all times, consistent, reliable and effective.                               

                                Where needed and appropriate to execute our mandates Consilium Counsel may engage subject-matter experts, lawyers or other professionals or legal support, drawing, where required, technical expertise from sectoral or industry specialists or lawyers and legal support providers. This is done in consultation with our clients.

                                In this regard, Consilium Counsel is a founding member of the Consilium Juris Collaboration Internationale panel to be formally launched in 2024. Please see the  Consilium Juris Collaboration Internationale page for additional information.

                                The scope and nature of counsel and services to be provided by Consilium Counsel and related fee and expense arrangements are agreed and described in the retainer agreement entered into between Consilium Counsel and client(s).